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If Yellen Is Out, What's Next for the Fed?

The Real News Network

Interview, July 2017 | Gerald Epstein

If Yellen Is Out, What's Next for the Fed? During The Real News Network Interview, Gerald Epstein addresses Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's testimony before congress and the future of the Federal Reserve.
This paper by Hao Qi creates a time series of the rate of surplus value for the Chinese economy over the extended period 1956-2014, using a Marxian approach. It finds that the high profitability that stimulated capital accumulation in the decade before the 2008 crisis had relied on the continuous growth in the rate of surplus value.  But after the crisis, the conditions supporting a high rate of surplus value—an expanding external market, a relatively large reserve army of labor, and a low debt-income ratio—have weakened.  This has led to a "new normal" pattern of declining profitability in China.

Improving Health by Reducing Poverty: Interview

The Real News Network

Interview, June 2017 | Peter Arno, Jeannette Wicks-Lim

Improving Healthcare by Reducing Poverty During The Real News Network interview, Peter Arno and Jeannette Wicks-Lim discuss how the Earned Income Tax Credit in New York improves healthcare for entire communities.

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