Environmental and Energy Economics (130)


Universal Income from Universal Assets

TripleCrisis Blog

Commentary, November 2016 | James K. Boyce, Peter Barnes


Clean Energy Economy

Interview, November 2016 | Heidi Garrett-Peltier


Increased Pollution Does Not Bring More Jobs

The Real News Network

Interview, September 2016 | Michael Ash


A Just Transition for U.S. Fossil Fuel Industry Workers

American Prospect

Commentary, July 2016 | Brian Callaci, Robert Pollin


The Green Growth Path to Climate Stabilization

Global Environmental Change

Journal Article, May 2016 | Robert Pollin


Gearing Carbon Trading Towards Environmental Co-benefits in China

Global Environmental Change

Journal Article, May 2016 | James K. Boyce, Bofeng Cai, Xin Bo, Lixiao Zhang, Yanshen Zhang, Yu Lei

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