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Clean Energy Is a "Powerful Engine of Job Opportunity"

In The Real News Network interview, Bob Pollin discusses the potentially devastating effects of the Trump administration's intent to roll back the Clean Power Plan.

military spending

Military Spending Ineffective for Creating Jobs

In The Real News Network interview, Heidi Garrett-Peltier discusses how federal spending on domestic programs such as healthcare, education, and clean energy creates far more jobs than military spending.

Pharma larryKing

U.S. Pharma Industry Converts Monopoly Power into Political Power

In The Real News Network interview, UMass-Amherst economics professor Lawrence King explains how the pharmaceutical industry converts intellectual property rights into inordinate profits and uses these for political power.


Bannon Fired from White House

During The Real News Network Interview, Gerald Epstein discusses Steve Bannon's exit from the White House and what's next for "economic nationalism."

YellinRN 7.17.17

If Yellen Is Out, What's Next for the Fed?

During The Real News Network Interview, Gerald Epstein addresses Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen's testimony before congress and the future of the Federal Reserve.

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Improving Healthcare by Reducing Poverty

During The Real News Network interview, Peter Arno and Jeannette Wicks-Lim discuss how the Earned Income Tax Credit in New York improves healthcare for entire communities.


California's Senate Passes Single Payer Health Care Act

During The Real News Network interview, Robert Pollin discusses how the new California single payer health care act would save money for households and businesses. Pollin and coauthors conducted the study that examined the impact of the single payer act.

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Trump Budget: Foundation for Great American Misery

During The Real News Network interview, Robert Pollin discusses how President Trump's budget provides tax cuts for the rich at the expense of healthcare for low-income people.

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Trump's New Glass-Steagall Act May Deregulate Finance Sector Even More

During The Real News Interview, Gerald Epstein discusses President Trump's support for a New Glass-Steagall Act. Although he doubts the Act will pass Congress, Epstein states it could be beneficial if it also doesn't deregulate the finance sector.

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Road to Trump's Climate Change Hell Paved by Obama and Clinton

On The Real News Network, Robert Pollin, Gerald Horne, and Paul Jay discuss the debate within the Trump White House on whether to leave the Paris climate accords or just undermine them; and how this relates to the fight within the Democratic Party.

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