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Is There Another Financial Crisis in the Works?

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Gerald Epstein argues that the deregulatory environment in the U.S. financial sector lends itself to another financial crisis--similar to the one we saw in 2007-08.  

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Defiant Trump Ignites Trade War with G-7 Allies

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Gerald Epstein discusses the G-7 summit and the implications of Trump's trade war with Canada and EU countries.  

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Does Iron Fist Imperialism Benefit U.S. Workers?

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Gerald Epstein discusses his contribution to the new book, "Changing Face of Imperialsim." In his chapter, he finds that between 1985 and 2000, U.S. workers lost between 400 billion to 2.8 trillion dollars as a direct result of U.S. imperialism. 

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Decreased Bargaining Power Leads to Wage Stagnation

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Robert Pollin addresses the unemployment rate and the reasons why wages aren't rising.

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Can Carbon Pricing Reduce C02 Emissions?

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's James Boyce discusses how carbon pricing can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and slow down global warming.

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Universal Basic Income and Minimum Wages: Progressive or Regressive?

In The Real News Network interview, PERI economist Katherine Moos discusses Finland's experiment with a Universal Basic Income.

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"Productive Incoherence" after the 2008 Financial Crisis

In The Real News Network interview, Professor Ilene Grabel discusses the global financial landscape that has evolved since the 2008 financial crisis.

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Toxic Profit: Meet the Top Super Polluters in the U.S.

In The Real News Network interview, Michael Ash discusses the release of PERI's Toxic 100 Air and Water Indexes, which use the latest Environmental Protection Agency data to list the top polluters in the U.S. The Toxic 100 Air Index includes an environmental justice report card which shows the extent to which air pollution burdens are imposed disproportionately on minority and low-income communities.

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The Finance Curse

Gerald Epstein gives a keynote lecture on the high cost of finance and the finance curse. This talk was presented at a research workshop co-organized by the Tax Justice Network and the Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute.

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IMF's Structural Adjustment Programs Weaken States They Aim to Strengthen

In The Real News Network interview, PERI's Lawrence King discusses how some IMF programs undermine the ability of governments in developing countries to properly govern.

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