Gerald Epstein

Co-Director and Professor of Economics

Gerald Epstein received his Ph.D. in economics from Princeton University. He has published widely on a variety of progressive economic policy issues, especially in the areas of central banking and international finance, and is the editor or co-editor of six volumes, including The Handbook of the Political Economy of Financial Crises (with Martin H. Wolfson, Oxford University Press 2013), Banking, Monetary Policy and the Political Economy of Financial Regulation: Essays in the Tradition of Jane D’Arista, Edward Elgar Press, 2014), Beyond Inflation Targeting (with Erinc Eldan, Edward Elgar Press, 2009) Financialization and the World Economy (Edward Elgar Press 2004); Globalization and Progressive Economic Policy (with Dean Baker and Robert Pollin, Cambridge University Press 1998); and Transforming the U.S. Financial System: An Equitable and Efficient Structure for the 21st Century (with Gary Dymski and Robert Pollin, M.E. Sharpe 1993). Professor Epstein's current work focuses on developing macroeconomic policies to promote just and sustainable improvements in living standards. He is also a long-time member of the Center for Popular Economics.

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Gerald Epstein

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