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The Toxic 100 Water Polluters

May 2013 -- The Toxic 100 Water Polluters index identifies the top companies and Federal agencies responsible for industrial water pollution. The index relies on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Risk Screening Environmental Indicators (RSEI), which assesses the hazard from industrial toxic releases. The underlying data for RSEI is the EPA’s Toxics Release Inventory (TRI), in which facilities across the U.S. report their releases of toxic chemicals to water and other media. In addition to the amount of toxic chemicals released, RSEI also includes the degree of toxicity. The Toxic 100 Water Polluters ranks corporations based on the toxicity-weighted pounds of toxic releases to water from all of their U.S. polluting facilities. 

>> Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index
(May 2013, based on 2009 data)

>> Read the accompanying report, "A Toxic Flood: Why We Need Stronger Regulations to Protect Public Health From Industrial Water Pollution"


>> For more details on all polluters -- not just the top 100 -- search the full company reports here

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>> Read the May 2013 press release here

The research for the Toxic 100 Water Polluters was sponsored  in part by a grant from Food and Water Watch.

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