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Fall 2015
Sep 25Industrializing Through Trade in Africa (Economic Report on Africa 2015)
Sep 25Changing the Rules of the Game: The Reorientation of American Labor Law and the Resulting Increase in Income Inequality"
Sep 28The Waning of the Quantity Theory of Money: The Quantitative Easing Vindicates Its Critics
Oct 2Taking the Road Less Traveled: Reinvesting in Smallholder Maize Farming in Mexico
Oct 5Redistribution, Risk-Sharing, and the Choice of Technology: The Big History
Oct 19Won't Get Fooled Again--Or Will We? Monetary Policy, Model Uncertainty, and "Policy Model Complacency"
Oct 28Writing Economic History in the Anthropocene
Nov 2Personal Income Distribution and Aggregate Demand
Nov 18The Rot at the Heart of American Progressivism: Imperialism, Racism, and Fear of Democracy in Richard Ely's Liberalism
Nov 23Wage-Led Growth in Low Income Economies: Revisiting the Galecki Model in Light of Theory and History
Nov 30On Wage and Profit-Led Growth
Spring 2015
Feb 24Care, Climate, Capitalism and Crisis
Mar 2Macroeconomic Performance Under an Evolutionary Dynamic of Profit Sharing
Mar 3Land Inequality, Conflict and Education: The Case of Southeastern Turkey
Mar 3Land Inequality, Conflict and Education: The Case of Southeastern Turkey
Mar 4The Demography of Inequality, Income, Consumption and Wealth
Mar 9Intermediation, Money Creation, and Keynesian Macrodynamics in a Multi-Agent System
Mar 14Who and Where Are the Economists?
Mar 24University of Massachusetts Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series: "When Big is Too Big: Do the Financial System's Social Benefits Justify Its Size?"
Mar 25Political Language in Economics
Mar 25Brown Bag Lunch: Gender isn't Only for Studying Women: Feminist Political Economy Methodologies
Mar 25Casinos, Jobs & Competition: The Atlantic City Experience
Mar 30Don't Blame the Robots: Assessing the Job Polarization Explanation of Growing Wage Inequality
Mar 31To What Extent is China Becoming a "Green Economy"? Exploring China's Ecological Contradictions
Apr 1Did Capital Go Away? Capital Flight as One Possible Cause of the Decline in [beta] during and after World War I
Apr 3Knowing Africa: Land of Treasures
Apr 6Fairness and Frictions: Impact of Unequal Raises on Quit Behavior
Apr 7Growth and Employment Dynamics in the Palestinian Economy: Recent Experience and Future Prospects
Apr 13Non-Market Work, Equivalence Scales, and Extended Income in the U.S.
Apr 14SYRIZA and the Political Economy of Eurozone / Greek Crisis
Apr 17African and Caribbean Immigrant Assimilation in the USA and Male Labor Market Inequalities
Apr 21Technology, Distribution and the Rate of Profit in India's Organized Manufacturing Sector
Apr 27What is 'As-If:' Explanation and How Does It Work?
Apr 28Neoliberal Reason and the Discipline of Economics: A Differential Impact Analysis
Apr 29The General Equilibrium Impacts of Unemployment Insurance: Evidence from a Large Online Job Board
Aug 5Taxing the Poor: Doing Damage to the Truly Disadvantaged
Fall 2014
Sep 26Financing for Development
Sep 30Who Wins, Who Loses? Tools for Distributional Policy Evaluation
Oct 6Interact Global, Sink Local: A Euro-Example of Scale in the Global Neoliberal Crisis
Oct 7Winner or Loser? Keynes and the Interwar Commodity Option Market
Oct 10Launch of African Economic Outlook 2014: Global Value Chains and Africa's Industrialization
Oct 14"Think Like a Commoner"
Oct 20The Liberal Trilemma: Why Pareto Efficiency, Private Property, and Preference Neutrality Are Not Jointly Possible
Oct 21"With Liberty and Dividends for All"
Nov 4Roots of the Current Economic Crisis: Capitalism, oems of Capitalism, Policies, and Contingent Events
Nov 10Social Choice: Some Simple Calculus
Nov 17Crisis in the New Global Economic Growth Nexus and Changing Frameworks for Emerging Economics: An Asian Perspective
Nov 18Wages and Unemployment: Theory and Empirical Evidence on a Class-Struggle Phillips Curve
Nov 19Collective Courage: A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice
Nov 24The Effect of Employee Ownership on Labor Supervision and Discipline
Summer 2014
Jun 17Jobs to Move America—Building Accountability for Good Jobs Into Transportation Procurement
Spring 2014
Feb 21Finding and Understanding Toxic Discharge Data to Surface Waters
Feb 27Underlying Trends and Variable Forms of Financialization
Feb 28Revisiting the Inverse Relations on Farms: The case of fragmentation in the Ethiopian highlands
Mar 1Social and Economic Policies for Lasting Peace
Mar 7Grid Integration Costs and the Optimal R&D Portfolio
Mar 7EEA Conference Session: What Does Finance Do, and What Should We Do About It?
Mar 9EEA Conference Session: The Impact of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Health Disparities: A Study of Low-Income Neighborhoods in New York City
Mar 11Pizza & Prof: Will a higher federal minimum wage help or hurt low-wage workers in the U.S.?
Mar 14Craigslist & Solid Waste: Evidence from California
Mar 24Improving Nurse-Patient Staffing: Economic and Financial Implications
Mar 28Triple Bottom Line? Corporate Social and Environmental Performance and Profits
Apr 1The Ethical Bases of Public Policies: A Conceptual Framework
Apr 4The Corporatization of Environmental Movements
Apr 18Free-riding in Community-driven Development: A Case Study in Ceará Brazil
Oct 21The Origins and Outcome of the Great Recession: Finance and the Real Economy
Oct 28Teaching Intro: Three Approaches
Fall 2013
Sep 23Ecocidal Growth in India: A Critique and an Alternative
Sep 25Bioeconomics of fisheries management under common pool and territorial use rights regimes: The case of Ghana
Sep 27Biomass energy controversies in Western Massachusetts
Sep 30The Origin of Private Property
Sep 30Gender Equality, Economic Growth and Human Rights: Where Do We Go from Here?
Oct 7Macroeconomic Instability and Microeconomic Financial Fragility: A Stock-Flow Consistent Approach with Heterogeneous Agents
Oct 7Austerity Economics is Bad Economics. What are the Alternatives?
Oct 10Is There an America Beyond Capitalism?
Oct 11Structural Transformation and the Role of Natural Resources in Africa
Oct 11Alternative Indicators to GDP (The Beyond GDP Agenda)
Oct 23Individualism, Rights and Development: The Voices of Burundian Youth
Nov 7Back to Full Employment
Nov 8Evaluation of caregivers’ preferences for children’s asthma treatments: the case of low income families in Chile
Nov 13Super-Agents and the Control of Arms Races
Nov 19Beyond Health Care Reform: The Impact of Social and Economic Policy on Population Health
Nov 20Distinctively Black Names in the American Past
Nov 22Cross-border water practices in Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan
Nov 25Securing Basic Well-Being for All
Dec 2Uncertainty and Contradiction: An Essay on the Business cycle
Dec 6Corporate Environmental & Social Performance
Spring 2013
Feb 12Loose Money, High Rates: Interest Rate Spreads in Historical Perspective
Feb 15Why Do Foresters Plant Trees? A View from Central India
Feb 15The Dragon’s Footprint: The Environmental Dimension of China in Latin America
Feb 20Inclusive Growth and Development: Concepts and Measures
Feb 22Growing Africa: Agricultural Innovation and Economic Transformation
Feb 25North-South Interaction in a World of Tradable Emission Permits
Feb 26The Commodification of Audience Attention in the U.S., 1865-1920
Mar 4Dimensional Analysis in Economics
Mar 11Opportunities as Chances: Maximizing the Probability that Everyone Succeeds
Mar 26Stratification and the Economics of Identity: An Application to U.S. Monetary Policy
Mar 29Climate Change Policy and Environmental Justice
Apr 3Teacher Quality Policy When Supply Matters
Apr 8Banker Bloat and What to Do About It
Apr 9The Political Economy of Aging Societies
Apr 17Moving Out to Move Up? Dual-Career Location Constraints and Partnered Economists Who Live Apart
Apr 26African American Environmental Ethics: Black Intellectual Perspectives, 1850-1965
Apr 29Mathematics of Government Intervention in Macroeconomics
Winter 2013
No results for this semester.
Fall 2012
Sep 18Double Jeopardy: Low-wage and Low-income Workers in the U.S., 1980-2009
Sep 18The New Feminist Agenda: Defining the Next Revolution for Women, Work and Family.
Sep 20Cooling the Planet, Clearing the Air
Sep 24International Trade, Factor Mobility, and the Persistence of Cultural-Institutional Diversity
Sep 25Resource Shares With and Without Distribution Factors
Sep 27Who Owns the World? Resistance and Ways Forward
Sep 28Sustainable Development in the Republic of Georgia
Oct 1Public Debt and Functional Finance in an OLG Model with Imperfect Competition
Oct 2The Calorie Consumption Puzzle in India: An Empirical Investigation
Oct 4The New Green Jobs
Oct 12Space Debris
Oct 16A Kaldor-Hicks-Goodwin-Tobin-Kalecki Model of Growth and Distribution
Oct 18Rebuild the Dream
Oct 19Balance of Payment Crisis of 1810: California’s Economic Interdependence with Spanish America
Oct 24Immigrant Networks and the Take-Up of Disability Programs: Evidence from US Census Data
Oct 26Cluster Analysis of Toxics Exposure
Oct 29Partnered Economists who Live Apart
Oct 30Why Have Wage Shares Fallen?  A Panel Analysis of the Determinants of Functional Income Distribution
Nov 12012 Philip Gamble Memorial Lecture: Phishing for Phools
Nov 2Experimental Evidence on Water Management
Nov 5Economic Background and Educational Attainment: the Role of Gene Environment Interactions
Nov 6Changing Class Structure: General Motors and the City of Detroit
Nov 7Impacts of Unionization on Quality and Productivity: Regression Discontinuity Evidence from Nursing Homes
Nov 13An Empirical Framework for building a Low-carbon U.S. Economy: Part I
Nov 14An Empirical Framework for building a Low-carbon U.S. Economy: Part II
Nov 16Campus Energy Benchmarking Project
Nov 26Sharing the Products of a Collectively Owned World: Non-Atomic and Oceanic Games
Nov 28From Dark to Light: Skin Shade Stratification and Life Outcomes?
Nov 29Clean Energy, Dirty Money and the Election: How Did Record-Breaking Spending by Fossil Fuel Interests Affect the Elections and What Are the Opportunities?
Nov 30Mountaintop Removal Mining
Dec 3North-South Interaction in a World of Tradable Emission Permits
Dec 5Gifted Education: Program Participation and Program Impacts
Dec 7Green Economic Transition in China
Spring 2006
Feb 3Environmental Working Group Organizational meeting
Feb 10The Conservation of Agricultural Biodiversity in the Eastern part of Turkey
Mar 1'1491' as Ecological History: Rethinking the Relationship between Humans and Nature in the Americas
Mar 2Jefferson's Taper: How America's Revolutionaries Imagined our Cultural Commons
Mar 3The New Global Division of Labor: Winners and Losers from Offshore Outsourcing Schedule
Mar 7Japanese Growth and Stagnation: A Keynesian perspective
Mar 10Conservation of Biodiversity
Mar 14China's Reform and Opening: Current State and Future Prospects
Mar 15Female Income, Women’s Status, and Spousal Violence: Effects of the Mexican PROGRESA Program
Mar 28Rising Foreign Outsourcing and Employment Losses in US Manufacturing, 1987 - 2003
Mar 29Divergence, Dependency, and Uneven Development: The Political Economy of Global North and South
Apr 4Are Labor Market Institutions Really at the Root of Unemployment? A Critical Perspective on the Statistical Evidence
Apr 5The Roots of the Controversy over Radical Political Economy at Harvard and in the Economics Profession: 1973-1974
Apr 6On Trusteeship: New Property Rights for Social Wealth
Apr 6The Left Hand of God: Taking Back Our Country from the Religious Right
Apr 7Making Polluters Pay: A Strategy to Cut Global Warming Emissions and Promote Economic Justice through the Northeast's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
Apr 10Relative Prices and the Fallacy of Composition in Export-Led Growth: An Empirical Investigation
Apr 11Middle-Class Retirement in Peril: Rising Risks and Ways to Address Them
Apr 11Progressive Economic Policies Can Help Cure America's Ills
Apr 14The 2002 Toxic 100
Apr 18Safety First Consumption
Apr 21Strengthening Tradition through Innovation: Reinventing development in rural Mexico
Apr 24Race, Inequality, and Mortality
Apr 25Decent Work in America: Developing the Work Environment Index
Apr 26The Political Economy of Welfare Generosity: Insights from State Mothers' Pensions Law
Apr 26Targeted Employment Programs: The Case of the Industrial Development Corporation
Apr 28Presentation by Matthew Riddle
May 1An Employment-Targeted Economic Program for South Africa, Part II
May 8The Political Economy of Wealth Distribution
May 9Contradictions of Economic Growth in the Neoliberal Era: Accumulation and Crisis in the Contemporary U.S. Economy
May 10Uneven Regional Development and Gendered Migration within Ghana
May 16Round Table on Approaches to Political Economy
May 17Dancing to an American Tune: The Wagner Act (1935) and the Accords Matignon (1936) in Comparative Perspective
May 18Environmental Wealth and Gender Justice: From paradox to potential
Jun 21Conference on Social Wealth
Fall 2005
No results for this semester.
Spring 2005
Jan 9Who Benefits From the Boston Living Wage Ordinance?
Jan 21The Euro and the Dollar
Mar 4Rethinking Growth Policies in the Devloping World
Mar 8Dams, Development, and Resistance on India's Narmada River
Mar 8Winnowing Wheat from Chaff: Social Democracy and Libertarian Socialism in the 20th Century
Apr 14Political Economy of the World-System (PEWS)
Apr 18Conference on Institutions and Economic Development - Theory, History and Contemporary Experiences
Apr 30Argentinian Autonomista Project, a New Multimedia Presentation:"Women in the Road Blockades and Self-Managed Enterprises, and Women Working in Factories Under Worker Control"
May 5Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy
May 11But What About Peasant Farmers? Payment for Environmental Services as a Tool for Rural Development
May 11Multicriteria Ecological-Economic Valuation and Collaborative Conservation: Applications of a Holistic Ecosystem Health Indicator in the U.S. and Latin America
Fall 2004
Sep 23Oil, the Iraq War, and American Foreign Policy
Sep 27Biodiversity & Democratic Governance
Oct 4Blood Bankers; Tales From the Global Underground Economy
Oct 6The Misuses of the ‘Invisible Hand’ Concept in Western New England College Principles Textbooks: What Adam Smith Really Said and Its Implications
Oct 16Conference on Distributional Effects of Government Spending and Taxation
Oct 18Military Preparedness and Environmental Pollution: Human vs. National Security
Oct 20The Declining Power of Unions in Mexico
Oct 22Is Imperialism Good for the U.S. Economy?
Oct 26Worlds Apart: Measuring Global and International Inequality
Oct 27The Bush Doctrine of Preventive War: Ruled Out by Intelligence
Nov 15Foreign Aid and War Economies
Nov 22Empty Sources of Growth Accounting, and Empirical Replacements à la Kaldor With Some Beef
Dec 7Fiscal Policy in the Bush Years: A Policy Primer
Spring 2002
Jan 25Living Wages: Global Principles for Economic Justice
Feb 12The Living Wage Movement: Good Intentions and Economic Logic in Conflict?
Feb 26The U.S. Economy 1995-2000: A Neo-Liberal Success Story?
Mar 5Globalization and Sustainable Agriculture
Mar 5The Rationality of Violence, Terror, and War
Mar 28Flexible Work in the Information Economy: Labor Markets in Silicon Valley
Apr 5George Won't Be So We Will: Organizing for Climate Protection at the Local and State Levels
Apr 8Globalization and Sustainable Agriculture
Apr 12Solving Environmental Injustices in Massachusetts: Forging Greater Community Participation in the Planning Process
Apr 16Why Afghanistan? Human Rights, U.S. Foreign Policy and Post-War Reconstruction -- A Panel Discussion
Apr 18An Environmental Justice Activists Panel
Apr 18Environmental Justice: Reclaiming Our Communities
Apr 19Global Labor Standards and Living Wages Working Group Meeting
Apr 22The Living Wage and Anti-Sweatshop Movements: Good Intentions and Economic Logic in Conflict?
Apr 24Towards a Just Peace in the Middle East: Israeli and Palestinian Perspectives
Apr 30Technology and the New Economy
Apr 29From Natural Resources to Natural Assets: Democratizing Environmental Ownership
Fall 2003
Sep 16The State of the US and Global Economies Two Years After 9-11: A Panel Discussion
Sep 24Book launch: Natural Assets: Democratizing Environmental Ownership and The New Environmental Activists.
Oct 3Living wages: Good Intentions and Economic Reality in Conflict?
Oct 7The Continuity of Imperialism and the Changing Structure of Capitalism
Oct 10How AIDS Came to Africa: Myths, History, and the Birth of the HIV Pandemic
Oct 14Will Military Keynesianism Bail Bush out of the Post-Bubble Slump?
Oct 16Grand Opening of Gordon Hall
Oct 20Distribution of costs and structures for enforcement
Oct 22Prospects for Peace with Justice: Israeli and Palestinian Academics Speak Their Minds
Oct 23Living Wages: Good Intentions and Economic Reality in Conflict?
Oct 23Will Military Keynesianism Bail Bush out of the Post Bubble Slump?
Oct 24The Fiscal Crisis of the States
Oct 27Wage Bargaining and the U.S. Phillips Curve: Was Greenspan Right about ‘Traumatized Workers' in the 1990s?
Oct 28The New Imperialism
Nov 6The 5th Gala Rethinking Marxism Conference: Marxism and the World Stage
Nov 12Globalization and the Washington Consensus: A Debate
Nov 24Globalization, Labor Standards and Women's Rights: Dilemma's of Collective (In)action in an Interdependent World
Nov 25Political and Socioeconomic Change in Venezuela in the Chaves Era
Dec 8The Globalization of Market Failure? International Trade and Sustainable Agriculture
Spring 2003
Jan 3Allied Social Science Association (ASSA) Annual Meeting
Jan 8Natural Assets Conference
Jan 16Applying a Securities Transactions Tax to the U.S: Design Issues, Market Impact, Revenue Estimates
Feb 13Experiences in Capital Account Management
Feb 21The Economic Impact of the Boston Living Wage Ordinance
Feb 22A Securities Transaction Tax for U.S. Financial Markets: Design Issues, Market Impact, Revenue Potential
Feb 27Countdown to War: a status report on the situation in Iraq.
Mar 5The Economic Cost of the War on Iraq
Mar 5Books Not Bombs
Mar 10Wage Bargaining and the U.S. Phillips Curve: was Greenspan right about traumatized workers in the 90s?
Mar 12The Economics of Civil War: the case of the Democratic Republic of Congo
Mar 20Living Wages: Good Intentions and Economic Logic In Conflict?
Mar 28The Growing International Gap in Work Hours: Overworked Americans and Europe's Work-Time Alternatives
Mar 31"Economics and Consumer Culture", Juliet Schor
Apr 1The New Face of Unequal Exchange: Low wage manufacturing, commodity chains, and global inequality
Apr 8Bilateral and Multilateral Donor Peace Conditionality in War Economies
Apr 8Gender and Foreign Direct Investment
Apr 10The War in Iraq: Economic Costs with a Human Face
Apr 10Clintonomics: The Hollow Boom
Apr 11Living Wage Laws in the U.S.: Good Intentions and Economic Reality in Conflict?
Apr 12The Economic Impact of the Boston Living Wage Ordinance: Examining Firm Effects
Apr 14Investing in Peace: Aid and Conditionality after Civil Wars
Apr 22Egalitarian Development in the Era of Globalization
May 1The Governance of the IMF
May 6"The Challenge of Toxic Globalization:View From the South", Sunita Narain
May 14Does the U.S. Working Class Gain from U.S. Imperialism?
Jun 2Engendering Macroeconomics and International Economics Conference
Spring 2004
Feb 17Guaranteeing Reproductive Health and Rights: The Role of Trade Liberalization
Feb 24"The Washington Consensus and the Crisis of Democracy", Noam Chomsky
Feb 24"Iraq and Beyond", Noam Chomsky
Mar 2Green and Brown? Globalization and the Environment
Mar 8The Determinants of Rentier Incomes in OECD Countries: Monetary Policy, Financial Liberalization, and Labor Solidarity
Mar 10How Has Inflation Targeting Affected Monetary Policy in South Africa?
Mar 24North American Premier Screening: Still, The Children Are Here
Mar 26The Corporate Environmental Strategy Project
Mar 30Globalization and the Honduran Struggle
Apr 14Debt, Balance-of-Payments Crises, and Debates on the International Financial System
Apr 16International Working Group Meeting: “Alternatives to Inflation Targeting”
Apr 19Globalization and Conflict: The Impact of Structural Adjustment
Jun 7International Financial Institutions and Peacebuilding
Jun 17Gender and Central Bank Policy
Aug 23Employment Targeted Policies for South Africa
Spring 2001
Feb 15Repeal of Glass-Steagall: What is the Point of U.S. Financial Deregulation?
Mar 2Natural Assets Conference
Mar 27Shared Work/Valued Care: New Norms for Organizing Market Work and Unpaid Care Work
Mar 29The Anti-Sweatshop Movement: Good Intentions and Economic Logic in Conflict?
Apr 27"The Acequia Commonwealth: A Landscape Ecology for Environmental Justice"
May 17The Invisible Heart: Economics and Family Values
Jun 8Challenging the Market: The Struggle to Regulate Work and Income
Jun 26Crop Genetic Diversity and Rural Livelihoods
Jul 12"Ecological Economics and Political Economy: Why the Twain Should Meet,"
Fall 2002
Sep 13Living Wage Conference
Oct 3The Redundant American
Oct 17Economic Analysis of the Santa Monica Living Wage Ordinance
Oct 18The Role of the Informal Sector in Creating Viable Global Labor Standards
Nov 22Book launch: Investing in Peace: Aid and Conditionality after Civil Wars.
Fall 2001
Oct 5Globalization and the Current Economic Crisis
Oct 7Mobilizing for Justice: Economic Development and the Living Wage
Oct 16The September 11 Events: Causes, Impact and Aftermath
Oct 25Convocation address: The Living Wage: Good Intentions and Economic Logic in Conflict?
Nov 8Opening event for the Jacksonville Living Wage Campaign
Nov 13Roundtable discussion: The Economic Implications of the Current International Crisis
Dec 6The Impact of September 11th and the Afghan War on the Global Economy
Dec 7PERI Conference on Financialization and the Global Economy
Dec 18The Path to U.S. Recession: From Clinton to Bush to September 11
Spring 2000
Jan 21Natural Assets Conference
Fall 2000
Oct 13The Evolution of Inequality in the Age of Globalization: New Evidence from Old Data
Oct 20Democratizing Global Economic Governance as part of the Development, Peacebuilding and the Environment Program.
Oct 27Finance and Investment: Evidence From Africa and Around the World, and Policy Implications.
Oct 31Globalization, Rural Institutions, and Poverty in Africa
Fall 2006
Sep 8Environmental Working Group Planning Meeting
Sep 12Preferences and Public Policy: Are Good Laws a Substitute for Good Citizens?
Sep 14Global Asymmetries and the Keynes Plan
Sep 20Seen 'Inconvenient Truth?' Now What?: Focus the Nation on Solutions to Global Warming
Sep 25Labor under Deregulated Finance: Some Concerns for India
Sep 26Large Scale Privatization and the Post Communist Mortality Crisis
Oct 3Money for Nothing: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the Behavior of U.S. Corporate Profits
Oct 11Gender and Commercial Farm Management in Brazil
Oct 17Why Welfare Critics Went Astray
Oct 20From Grower to Green Market: Filling the Rural Financing Gap
Oct 23Altruistic Human Nature? Empirical Tests of Evolutionary Models
Oct 25David Weiman lecture, TBA
Oct 31Rob Parenteau: US Household Financial Imbalances and the Profit Resurgence: A Post-Keynesian Perspective
Nov 7Nancy Folbre: Valuing Unpaid Work: Micro- and Macro-Dilemmas
Nov 8William Sweet: Kicking the Carbon Habit: Global Warming and the Case for Renewable and Nuclear Energy
Nov 14Robert J. Shiller: Stock Markets, Real Estate, and 'Irrational Exhuberance': What is to be Done?
Nov 15Gender and the Distribution of Wealth in Developing Countries
Nov 16Is Full Employment Possible in an Era of Globalization?
Nov 16Alternatives to Inflation Targeting: Central Banks as Agents of Development
Nov 20The Evolution of Radical Economics
Nov 29Women, Social Change and Economic Reconstruction in Post-war Guatemala: Evidence from a Coffee-Growing Region
Dec 2New School-UMass Graduate Workshop in Economics
Dec 4Value and Competition
Dec 5Rising Global Trade and Debt Imbalances: What is the End Game? - A Panel Discussion
Dec 8The Motherhood Manifesto film screening & panel discussion
Dec 12Production Decentralization by Decentralized Exchange
Dec 13The Evolution of Brazilian Capitalism in the 20th Century: Social Structures of Accumulation Approach
Apr 3The Threads that Bind: Race and Gender Stratification and the Macroeconomics of Inequality
Spring 2007
Feb 2The Dissipation of Minimum Wage Gains for Workers through Labor-Labor Substitution
Feb 16The Economics of Pesticide Use and Cotton Production in Benin
Mar 2Disparities: Global Health and Clean Water Conference
Mar 8Derivatives, Energy Prices, and Volatility: Would Joseph Have Better Served Pharaoh with Derivatives?
Apr 2What Accumulation Regime? The Financialization of Canadian Capitalism
Apr 11The Great Warming
Apr 24Out of Balance: ExxonMobil’s Impact on Climate Change
Apr 25The Next Industrial Revolution
Apr 26The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
May 1Social Evolution & Revolution
May 2Marxian Economics Today
May 3Socialism Today in Theory & Practice
May 4Neoliberalism & Resistance in India
May 7Institutional Structure or Social Structure of Accumulation?
May 17Inflation Targeting, Employment Creation, and Economic Development:
A Panel Discussion at the IMF
sponsored by the Intergovernmental Group of 24
May 18Inflation Targeting, Employment Creation, and Economic Development Workshop
Fall 2007
Oct 5What's the Economy For, Anyway? Conference
Oct 6What's the Economy For, Anyway? Conference
Oct 11Preview screening of "Blood and Oil"
Oct 12Environmental Working Group: "The transition to a greener economy: A macroeconomic analysis"
Oct 15Is There a Left Left?
Oct 18Recaliming Nature Book Launch Party
Oct 19Environmental Working Group: Food-For-Work Programs in Ethiopia - Full Employment and Environmental Sustainability
Oct 22Barry Schwartz: The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less
Oct 22Understanding the Global Water Crisis
Oct 27E.F. Schumacher Lectures
Nov 2Environmental Working Group: Sustainable Development and Women's Time-Use: Evidence from Turkey
Nov 2An Economy that Works for All: Labor's Campaign for Economic Justice
Nov 9Environmental Working Group: The Enclave Economy: Foreign Investment and Sustainable Development in Mexico's Silicon Valley
Nov 16Environmental Working Group: What Gandhi and Hayek Have in Common: Viewing the Informal Economy through the Knowledge Lens
Nov 30Environmental Working Group: Greening The "Strong State"?: Interrogating the Paradox of Environmental Policy Effectiveness in Turkey
Dec 7Environmental Working Group: Are the Supply Side Agricultural Policies Counter-Productive? The Case of Animal Husbandry Sector in Turkey
Spring 2008
Feb 22Environmental Working Group: Oligopolistic Nature of the Milk Industry in Turkey
Feb 27India's Rural Economy in Transition: The Emergence of New Alliances
Feb 29Environmental Working Group: Toxic 100 Rollout and the RSEI
Mar 7Environmental Working Group: Regulation of Tourism in the Galapagos
Mar 24The Dynamic Efficiency/Social Justice Dilemma Revisited: Contemporary Welfare Transformations
Mar 25Regulation Theory in a Nutshell and Comparison with Social Structures of Accumulation Theory
Mar 26Kenya's Rural Women: Agriculture, Sustainability, and Arid Lands Challenges
Mar 26The Subprime Mortgage Crisis in Historical and International Perspective
Mar 26The Subprime Lending Crisis: Implications for the European Union and the United States
Mar 26Booksigning and party for A Measure of Fairness
Apr 4The Corporate Toxics Information Project: Update on the Toxic 100
Apr 10Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet: The New Geopolitics of Energy
Apr 11Report on PERI Renewable Energy Conference
Apr 14Polarization and All That: Measures of Group Differences
Apr 16Reclaiming Nature: Environmental Justice and Ecological Restoration in the Developing World
Apr 18Gender and Sustainable Development
Apr 22Hedge Funds, Pseudo-Alpha and the Risks of Rare Events
Apr 25Environmental Working Group
Apr 29Glass Ceilings or Sticky Floors: Gender and Science in U.S. Industry
May 2The Political Economy of Monetary Policy and Financial Regulation
May 9Environmental Working Group
May 13The Impact of the WTO: The Environment, Public Health and Sovereignty
Summer 2008
Jul 16The Impact of IMF Policies on Developing Nations
Aug 8The People Side of Sustainability: Ensuring Equitable and Enduring Benefits
Fall 2008
Sep 12Considerations on Interest Rate Exogeneity
Sep 19Green Recovery
Sep 22An Empirical Analysis of Risk, Incentives, and the Delegation of Worker Authority
Sep 26Inequality in the Greenhouse? Environmental Justice and Policies to Combat Global Warming
Sep 26Green Economics and the Revival of the U.S. Working Class
Oct 2Racial Conflict and Transformation in South Africa
Oct 10Models of Persuasion
Oct 17Policy Options to Accelerate the Use of Renewable Energy: Lessons from Europe
Oct 20University of Massachusetts Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series: Green Growth and U.S. Economic Renewal
Oct 24Corporate Environmental Justice Performance
Oct 25New School / University of Massachusetts Economics Graduate Program Conference
Oct 27How the Rich are Destroying the Earth
Oct 27Behavioral Public Economics: Mechanism Design when Preferences Depend on Incentives
Oct 31Beyond High Discount Rates: Understanding Low Demand for Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency
Nov 3Trust and Collective Action in Latin America: Field Experiments in Bogota, Buenos Aires, Caracas, Lima, Montevideo, and San Jose
Nov 10The Geography of Vice
Nov 12Monetary and Fiscal Policy after the Financial Crisis
Nov 22Green Recovery: A Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy
Dec 1Topic to be announced
Dec 5Governance and Resilience
Dec 11Unemployment Insurance and the Search Intensity
Feb 24The Current Financial and Economic Crisis: A Systemic Crisis of Neoliberal Capitalism
Apr 28From the Bailout of the Bondholders to the Nationalization of Banks
Spring 2009
Jan 26Regional Cost of Living Differences and the EITC: One Size Fits All?
Jan 27The State of Women in the New England Workforce
Feb 10Can We Afford the Future?
Feb 11Viral Spiral: How the Commoners Built a Digital Republic of their Own
Feb 11Trends in the North-South Terms-of-Trade, 1960-2006
Feb 12The New Greening of America
Feb 23How Unleashed Capitalism Produces Economic Crises: What is to be done?
Feb 24Energy & the Economy: Fostering a Green Recovery
Mar 9Dynamic Effects of Currency Undervaluation
Mar 20Environmental Protection and Poverty Reduction
Mar 23Growth and Immiseration in a Prebisch Framework
Mar 24Keynes
Mar 25Is Labor Dead?
Mar 27Employment, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Developing Countries: A Conference in Honor of Professor Azizur Khan
Mar 30The Ethics of Distribution in a Warming Planet
Apr 1Imachi Nkwu: How Commercialization of Natural Resources can Create Common Property
Apr 2Learning from Bolivian Activism
Apr 3How to Succeed in International Climate Negotiations by Really Trying
Apr 7Neoliberal Policy and Household Borrowing
Apr 9Groupthink: Collective Delusions in Organizations and Markets
Apr 13Topic to be announced
Apr 14The Political Economy of Free Trade Agreements: Energy and National Development Strategy
Apr 15The Effectiveness of Monetary Policy Reconsidered
Apr 17Constructing Consensus: A Comparison of Scientific Community Advocacy in Mexico and Jamaica
Apr 21Topic to be annonced
Apr 24What are the Determinants of Food/Animal Product Availability at the Household Level in Turkey?
Apr 27Social Democracy and Rational Workers
Apr 30When Elephants Fight, It is the Grass that Suffers The Personal Account of a Lost Boy of Sudan
May 1Power & Environmental Policies: an international comparison
May 4Social choice and Information Squashing: A Note on the Calculus of Mappings
May 5The Current Economic Crisis: Inequality, Power, and Ideology
May 8Topic to be announced
May 11China's Growth Model: Problems and Alternatives
May 23Meltdown: How Greed and Corruption Shattered Our Financial System and How We Can Recover
Jun 2The Military: More Spending, Less Security
Fall 2009
Sep 22Does Fast Growth in India and China Harm US Workers? Insights from Simulation Analysis
Sep 23Anti- La Porta, Lopez-de-Silanes, Shleifer and Vishny? Results from the Cambridge Research on Law, Finance and Development
Sep 29Socialization of Risks without Socialization of Investment: A Marxian-Minskian Analysis of Big Government Capitalism
Oct 7What's the Economy for, Anyway?
Oct 9topic to be announced
Oct 13Culture and Identity Matters: America’s African Diaspora and Labor Market Outcomes
Oct 15The Economic Logic and Moral Imperative of Full Employment
Oct 16How Badly Are Climate Risks Being Under-Estimated?
Oct 21The Financial Crisis of 1810: Indians and Spaniards in California React to Spain's Imperial Collapse
Oct 26United Nations Panel Discussion on Green Growth & Sustainable Development
Oct 27The Impacts of Public Employment on Health and Health Inequalities: Evidence from Micro Data
Oct 30Carbon Taxation in the EU
Nov 6Enivironmantal Justice
Nov 10Contours of Alternative Policy Making in Venezuela
Nov 10Clean Energy Connections Conference
Nov 10Wade Rathke, topic TBA
Nov 13Technological Diffusion and the Cost of Renewable Energy
Nov 13National Conference to Create Living Wage Jobs for All, Meet Human Needs & Sustain the Environment
Nov 17Who Lost Wall Street? Should We Try to Find It?
Nov 18From Scottsboro to Munich: Transnationalism and the History of the 1930s
Dec 1The Political Economy of Socialist Industrialization
Dec 2Child Gender Bias in Ethiopia, Iran, and India: The Rothbarth Intrahousehold Allocation Model Re-examined
Dec 4Enivironmantal Justice, Co-Pollutants, and Climate Change
Winter 2010
Feb 1Poto Mitan: Haitian Women, Pillars of the Global Economy
Feb 2Enablers of Exuberance
Feb 12The Political Economy of Retirement and Work
Feb 16Neo-liberalism, Financialization and the Economic Crisis
Feb 22The Inequality of Opportunity in Korea and (possibly) Japan
Feb 23The Monetary Threat to the Global Economy
Mar 1Real Exchange Rate and Elasticity of Labor Supply in a Balance-of-Payments Constrained Macrodynamics
Mar 2The Fragility of the U.S. Economy
Mar 3Dynamic Patterns of Accumulation and Income Distribution
Mar 5Janet Currie; topic to be announced
Mar 9Why Neoclassical Economics and Modern Finance Create Perfect Environments for Perfect Crimes, Bubbles, and Crises
Mar 11The New Lombard Street
Mar 23Topic TBA
Apr 5Exploring the Robustness of the Balance-of-Payments-Constrained-Growth Idea in Multiple Good Framework
Apr 6The Crisis of Capitalism: A Global Perspective
Apr 12Work After Globalization: Building Occupational Citizenship
Apr 13A Minsky View of the Financial Crisis, and Future Prospects
Apr 26Too Big to Bail: The 'Paulson Put,' Presidential Politics and the Financial Meltdown
Apr 27Structural Crisis or Great Recession? Understanding the Current Crisis
Fall 2010
Oct 1Sacrifice Zones: The Front Lines of Toxic Chemical Exposure in the United States
Oct 5The Dependence of China’s Economic Growth on Exports and Investment
Oct 6Climate Change Avatars
Oct 12The Political Economy of Emissions Abatement with Alternative Technologies
Oct 1414th Annual Philip Gamble Memorial Lecture
Oct 19Reconstructing Marx's Theory of Labour Subsumption
Oct 20Gender, Remittances and Intrahousehold Allocation: Does Gender Matter?
Oct 25Reproduction of Feudal and Capitalist Modes of Production
Oct 27Can Financial Reform End the Vise Grip of Finance?
Nov 2Falling into the Liquidity Trap
Nov 5Journalists' Roundtable: Perspectives on Crisis and Recovery
Nov 8Do Frictions Matter in the Labor Market? Evidence from Minimum Wage Laws
Nov 9Relations of Production and Modes of Surplus Extraction in India
Nov 10Do Generous Unemployment Benefits Explain the Crisis in Long-Term Unemployment?
Nov 11Are Green Jobs a Mirage, or the Heart of the New Economy?
Nov 15The Effect of Workplace Democracy on Productivity and Profitability: An Experimental Investigation
Nov 15Perpetual Stagnation: Economic Life in America with No Household Debt Growth
Nov 17Serfdom, Emancipation, and Economic Development in Tsarist Russia
Nov 22Veblen Effects, Political Representation, and the Reduction of Working Time over the 20th Century: Theory and Evidence
Nov 23Seminar topic to be announced
Nov 30Why are Credit Card Rates so High?
Dec 1The social and economic dimensions of employment contract design in early U.S. history
Dec 7Seminar topic to be announced
Winter 2011
Feb 8Good Jobs, Green Jobs conference: Emerging Green Sectors: Recycling, Chemicals, Water, Agriculture and Other Growing Industries
Feb 23External Borrowing and Capital flight from Africa: Development Finacing with a Leaking Purse
Feb 24The Path to Full Employment
Mar 4From Organic Certification to Ecological Sustainability: Lessons from Greece and Austria
Mar 7Real Foundations of Financial Crisis
Mar 9Dilemmas of Liberalization in Syria and the Arab Middle East: understanding the political economy of the revolts in the Middle East
Mar 10The Summit on Jobs & America's Future
Mar 11Fiscal Policy in the New Consensus: Theoretical Conundrums and Policy Paradoxes
Mar 21International Income Inequality: Measuring PPP Bias by Estimating Engel Curves for Food
Mar 22Towards a Critical Theory of Socialism: From Vienna to Santa Fe
Mar 23Relations of Production and Modes of Knowledge Appropriation: A Case Study of Weaving in India
Mar 28Recovering from the Recession: A Panel Discussion
Apr 1Reconnecting to Work: Consequences of Long-Term Unemployment & Prospects for Job Creation
Apr 1Topic TBA
Apr 4Central Banking and Systemic Risk in Capital Markets
Apr 6The End of 9 to 5: Freelancers, Empty Offices and the Transformation of Work
Apr 8Environmental Injustice in Texas: Exposure of Mothers to Industrial Air Toxics
Apr 12Beyond Redistribution: Examining the Implications of the Inverse Relationship between Land Size and Productivity in Kenya
Apr 14From Frances Perkins to the Living Wage Movement
Apr 15The Resource Curse Revisited: Chinese Investment in Latin America
Apr 20Heterogeneous Labor Relations, Small Farms, and Cooperatives: An Empirical Investigation of Peru's Coffee Growers
Apr 22Digging Out from Crisis and Austerity in Europe and The United States: Finance, Job Creation, Public Ownership and Green Recovery
Apr 25An Empirical Analysis of the Dynamic Properties of Piece-Rate Contracts: Ratchet Effects and Social Conflict in an Early U.S. Textile Mill
Apr 29Biofuels in Brazil: A Critical Appraisal
May 2Profit Sharing, Distribution and Growth
May 6Book launch for America's Climate Problem: The Way Forward
May 12Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility conference
Summer 2011
Jul 8Debating Taboos: The Securities Transaction Tax
Fall 2011
Sep 22The Future of Work in Massachusetts:
Labor's Agenda for Economic Development
Oct 5Can Job Search Assistance Do Harm? Long-Term Effects of the Washington Alternative Work Search Experiment
Oct 12She maketh fine linnen and eateth not the bread of idleness: Supervising women's labor in 1750s Boston
Oct 17Neoclassical Inflation: The Theory That's Not There
Oct 19Topic to be announced
Oct 19POSTPONED: Shared Capitalism at Work
Oct 24Programs to Promote Economic Growth, Employment, and an Increase in Equity
Oct 25Topic to be announced
Oct 26Regulation and Competition of the US Railroads in the 19th Century: A Historical Perspective
Nov 1U.S. Gross Capital Flows and Economic Expansion in the 2000s
Nov 2Topic to be announced
Nov 4The Precariat: The New Dangerous Class
Nov 7The Inauguration of the Andrew Glyn Professorship
Nov 8Topic to be announced
Nov 9The horse, then the carriage: A simple plan for Africa’s economic diversification
Nov 10The China Syndrome: Local Labor Market Effects of Import Competition in the United States
Nov 14Long Term Labor, Dual Labor Markets, Growth, and Distribution
Nov 15A Macro-monetary Interpretation of Marx's Theory and the Transformation Problem
Nov 16Tramping out the Vintage: Cesar Chavez and the Two Souls of the United Farm Workers
Dec 5Insuring Against Drought-Related Livestock Mortality: Piloting Index Based Livestock Insurance in Northern Kenya
Spring 2012
Feb 13Census-Taking and State-Building: The Political Economy of Population Data
Mar 5A Neoclassical Curmudgeon's Look at Heterodox Criticisms of Microeconomics
Mar 6Is Imperialism a Useful Concept in an Age of Financial Globalization?
Mar 6The Nature of Modern Russian Capitalism
Mar 7Capitalism Today: Lessons from Europe
Mar 7Who Marries Differently-Aged Spouses? Earnings, Ability and Appearance
Mar 9The Toxic 100 Water Polluters Index
Mar 13Census-Taking and State-Building: The Political Economy of Population Data
Mar 14Russian Capitalism's Jurassic Park as a Caricature of the US Economy
Mar 16African American Environmental Ethics: Black Intellectual Perspectives 1850-Emancipation
Mar 19Africa’s Odious Debts: How Foreign Loans and Capital Flight Bled a Continent
Mar 27Deus Ex Machina: Testing the Fundamentals of the Canon on Financial Markets, a Multivariate Approach
Mar 30Access and Inequality in Local Food Systems
Apr 3The Agrarian Question in a Maoist Guerrilla Zone
Apr 4Topic TBA
Apr 9Macroeconomic Effects of Tax Reform: Further Examination of Several Specific Proposals
Apr 10Erasing class/(re)creating Ethnicity: Politics, Jobs, Accumulation and Identity in Kenya
Apr 11Topic TBA
Apr 13Adaptation, Human Security, and Development in Gambella
Apr 16Globalization of Labor: Is A Race to the Bottom Inevitable?
Apr 17A Neoclassical Curmudgeon's Look at Heterodox Criticisms of Microeconomics
Apr 20Rio Plus 20
Apr 23Profit Rates and Crisis in the US Economy: Long Run and Short Run Perspectives
Apr 24Pluralism and the Integration of Macro and Micro
Apr 27Sustainable Development in Georgia
Apr 27Mixed-methods in Economic Research: Lessons from the Gender Assets Gap Project
Apr 30Class Structures and Rising Inequality in China and India since the 1990s
May 1Value Theory on Cognitive Capitalism and Basic Income
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