Matthew Riddle

Three Essays on Oil Scarcity, Global Warming and Energy Prices (2012)
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Lynda Pickbourn

Migration, Remittances, and Intra-Household Allocation in Northern Ghana: Does Gender Matter? (2011)
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Heidi Garrett-Peltier

The Employment Impacts of Economy-Wide Investments in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (2010)
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Armagan Gezici

Investment under Financial Liberalization: Channels of Liquidity and Uncertainty (2007)
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>> Read an interview with Armağan Gezici about her dissertation

Ryan Isakson

Between the Market and the Milpa: Market Engagements, Peasant Livelihood Strategies, and the On-Farm Conservation of Crop Genetic Diversity in the Guatemalan Highlands (2007)
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>> Read an interview with Ryan Isakson about his dissertation


Arjun Jayadev

Financial Liberalizaton and its Distributional Consequences: An Empirical Exploration (2005)
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Florian Kaufmann

Emigrant or Sojourner? The Determinants of Mexican Labor Migration Strategies to the United States (2008)

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Elizabeth Stanton

Inequality and the Human Development Index (2007)
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Jeanette Wicks-Lim

Mandated Wage Floors and the Wage Structure: Analyzing the Ripple Effects of Minimum and Prevailing Wage Laws (2005)
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