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Training Program for African Policy Makers

The training program for African policy makers offers non-credit courses on structural and emerging issues in African development, including: illicit capital flows and development financing; natural resource management and green growth; macroeconomic policies for pro-poor growth and employment creation; policies for post-conflict recovery; inclusive finance and private sector development; Africa in the global policy arena.

The objectives of the training program are to: 

> expose African policy makers to frontier knowledge in policy analysis and design, as well as best practices in development policy; 

> provide African policy makers with technical and conceptual tools to assess country-specific development challenges and growth potential, and design strategies to address challenges and harness opportunities; 

> provide a framework for experience sharing and learning from success stories in Africa and beyond, so as to generate practical solutions to African development problems; and

> promote innovative development policy analysis by providing a practical approach to policy making aimed at exploiting the full potential of macroeconomic and sectoral policies to promote high, sustained, and shared growth. 

Summer Courses

1. Macroeconomic policy for inclusive growth, employment creation, and poverty reduction

2. Labor markets, population dynamics and household welfare

3. Growth, inequality and poverty 

4. Financial sector management, inclusive finance and poverty reduction

5. Macroeconomic policies and aid management in post-conflict and fragile countries

6. Natural resources, the environment and green growth 

7. Illicit financial flows and development financing

8. Sectoral policies for growth, economic resilience, and poverty reduction

9. Africa and the global policy architecture

>>. For detailed descriptions of these courses, please click here.

For information about the program, please email the Program Director,  Léonce Ndikumana.