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PERI co-director Robert Pollin writes a regular column in New Labor Forum under the general title of 'Economic Prospects.' The column explores a wide range of topics, under the broad theme of how economic trends, economic policy debates, and even economic theory matter in terms of promoting the well-being of working people in the United States.

>> Fall 2012 “Getting Real on Jobs and the Environment: Pipelines, Fracking, or Clean Energy?”

>> Spring 2012 "A U.S. Financial Transaction Tax: How Wall Street Can Pay for Its Mess"

>> Winter 2012 "Fighting Seriously for Jobs and Social Security"

>> Spring 2011 "Field Notes on Wall Street Reform: The Battle Continues"

>> Winter 2011 "Can We Please Stop Blaming Immigrants?"

>> Fall 2010 "U.S. Trade Policy & the Jobs Crisis"

>> Winter 2010: "Industrial Policy and the Revival of U.S. Manufacturing”

>> Fall 2009: "The U.S. Fiscal Deficit: Scare Stories vs. Reality"

>> Spring 2009: "Infrastructure Investments and the Obama Recovery Plan"

>> Winter 2009: "Financing the Green Economy as an Answer to Casino Capitalism"

>> Fall 2008: "Green Investments and the Path to Prosperity"

>> Summer 2008: "The Housing Bubble and Financial Deregulation"

>> Spring 2008: "Why Militarism Hurts the U.S. Economy"

>> Fall 2007: "A People's Economy is Possible: A Unified Economic Program for 2008"

>> Spring 2007: "Making the Federal Minimum Wage a Living Wage”

>> Winter 2007: "Global Outsourcing and the U.S. Working Class"

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