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What's the Economy For, Anyway? Conference

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Read about the June 2007 'What's the Economy For, Anyway?" conference:

What’s the economy for, anyway? Is it just about having the biggest GDP or the highest Dow Jones Average? Or is it about providing for a healthy, happy, fair and sustainable society? This conference launches a Forum on Social Wealth project: a new national campaign to put the question, “What’s the economy for, anyway?” on the agenda of the 2008 election campaigns and beyond. Dozens of prominent experts and activists will offers parts of the answer to the big question and offer out-of-the-box ideas about what we can do to make our economy serve us instead of vice-versa. Three tracks include finding happiness, seeking justice and securing sustainability.

Workshops will include in-depth analysis of current problems, comparisons to the economic performance of other industrial countries, and concrete policy solutions for a happier, healthier, most just and sustainable United States. To find out more about the presenters, download brief biographies of the confirmed speakers. Or click here to see a preliminary schedule of presentations.

For more detail on the October 2007 conference, download the full press release here, or click here to register for the conference.

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