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Randy Albelda University of Massachusetts, Boston
Edsel Beja, Jr. Ateneo de Manila University (Philippines)
Lourdes Beneria Cornell University
Robert Blecker American University
Mark Brenner Labor Notes
Minsik Choi Ewha Woman's University (South Korea)
Lilia Costabile University of Naples
James Crotty University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Jane D'Arista Political Economy Research Institute
Peter Dorman Evergreen State College
Arin Dube University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Gary Dymski University of California, Riverside
Lawrance Evans American University
Kevin Gallagher Boston University
Ilene Grabel University of Denver
David Howell New School for Social Research
Arjun Jayadev University of Massachusetts, Boston
Azizur Rahman Khan University of California, Riverside
Kang-Kook Lee Ritsumeikan University (Japan)
Minqi Li University of Utah
Stephanie Luce City University of New York, Murphy Institute
Arthur MacEwan University of Massachusetts, Boston
Anna McCord University of Cape Town, South Africe
Michael Meeropol Western New England College
Tom Michl Colgate University
John Miller Wheaton College
Seeraj Mohammad University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa)
Ozlem Onaran Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration (Austria)
Ozgur Orhangazi Roosevelt University
Manuel Pastor University of Southern California
Sanjay Reddy Columbia University
Juliet Schor Boston College
Stephanie Seguino University of Vermont
Engelbert Stockhammer Vienna University of Economics & Business Administration (Austria)
Mariano Torras Adelphi University
Vamsi Vakulabharanam Queens College, City University of New York
Christian Weller Center for American Progress and University of Massachusetts, Boston
Erinc Yeldan Bilkent University (Turkey)
Andong Zhu Tsinghua University (China)
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Recent Papers by PERI Research Associates

Kevin Gallagher & Roberto Porzecanski, "China and the Latin America Commodities Boom: A Critical Assessment"

David Howell, David & Miriam Rehm, "Unemployment Compensation and High European Unemployment: A Reassessment with New Benefit Indicators"

Jane D'Arista, "Setting an Agenda for Monetary Reform"

Jane D’Arista, "Leverage, Proprietary Trading and Funding Activities"

Jane D’Arista, "Repairing the Damage Securitization Caused"

Arjun Jayadev & Robert A. Johnson, "The High Costs of the Banker Bail-out: What should be done?"

Minqi Li, "Socialization of Risks without Socialization of Investment: The Minsky Paradox and the Structural Contradiction of Big Government Capitalism"