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In an effort to more fully inform the ongoing discussion of sweatshop labor, development strategy, and the role of collegiate apparel licensing, SASL has compiled the following list of internet resources.

See also PERI's International Labor Standards Resource Guide.

Research and reports

Labour Practices in the Footwear, Leather, Textiles, and Clothing Industries, ILO

Independent University Initiative Final Report (pdf)

Pilot Project for Licensing Code Implementation

(1) Full report (pdf)

(2) Summary

Garment Enforcement Reports, U.S. Department of Labor:

Garment enforcement timeline

Kimberly Ann Elliot and Richard Freeman, White Hats or Don Quixotes? Human Rights Vigalantes in the Global Economy.

Richard Freeman, What Role for Labor Standards in the Global Economy?

Ajit Singh and Ann Zammit, The Global Labour Standards Controversy: Critical Issues for Developing Countries.

*Mark Weisbrot, Robert Naiman, Natalia Rudiak, Can Developing Countries Afford to Ban or Regulate Child Labor?

Robert Pollin, Justine Burns, and James Heintz, Global Apparel Production and Sweatshop Labor: Can Raising Retail Prices Finance Living Wages?

*Jeffery C. Issac, Thinking About the Antisweatshop Movement: A Modest Proposal.

*Michael T. Rock, Public Disclosure of the Sweatshop Practices of American Multinational Garment/Shoe Makers/Retailers: Impacts on their Stock Prices.

Monitoring Groups

Worker’s Rights Consortium

Social Accountability International (formerly, Council on Economic Priorities Accreditation Agency)

Fair Labor Association

Collegiate Living Wage Association

Home Page

Academic Consortium on International Trade (ACIT)

Home page

Letter to universities (pdf)

University and Student Groups

United Students Against Sweatshops

Students Against Sweatshops Canada

Campus-specific sites:


Georgia State


New Mexico State

Notre Dame

SUNY Binghamton

U Pennsylvania



Labor Organizations

International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

(1) trade and labor standards

(2) country reports for the World Trade Organization (WTO)

International Labour Organization (ILO)


International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour

Self-Employed Women’s Association (India)

Maquila Solidarity Network (Canada)

Clean Clothes Campaign (Europe)

UNITE! (Union of Needletrades, Industrial, and Textile Employees)

National Labor Committee

Campaign for Labor Rights



Sweat Free page

Trade Organizations

World Trade Organization

Global Exchange

Ethical Trading Initiative

NGOs and Not-for-Profits

Human Rights Watch

Sweatshop Watch

National Museum of American History, "Between a Rock and a Hard Place: A History of American Sweatshops 1820-Present"

U.S. Department of Labor


Employment Standards Administration

No Sweat