Comment on Darity, McCrate, and Wicks-Lim (Thomas Weisskopf Festschrift Conference Paper)
Randy Albelda | 2/5/2013

Albelda reviews the arguments made by William Darity, Elaine McCrate and Jeannette Wicks-Lim in their papers on affirmative action policies, and draws them together in the context of Thomas Weisskopf’s own work on the subject. She concludes that positive discrimination policies still seem warranted, and that promoting and achieving diversity at the top tier schools and in top level jobs did not and will not get at the root of today’s underlying racial and gender divides. Albelda summarizes with the fundamental point that “The very high cost of higher education, increased labor polarization, and black incarceration rates have transformed the ways race and gender segregation plays out at all levels of the labor market.”

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